Smart Irrigation Month

Governor Declares July “Smart Irrigation Month”

Governor Roy Cooper has officially proclaimed July as “Smart Irrigation Month” for North Carolina.  This Proclamation recognizes the importance of efficient outdoor water use and the responsibility of all North Carolinians to use water wisely.  Well managed landscapes add beauty and value to our communities, businesses and homes and improve the environment and contribute to our economy. Plants and turf filter the air and water of harmful pollutants, produce oxygen and help conserve energy by shading and cooling our homes in summer. Parks, green spaces and our own landscapes enhance our quality of life and well being everyday!

The month of July is typically a peak month for water usage for irrigation in North Carolina.  Tremendous potential exists for water savings through proven water-saving technologies and effective irrigation management practices.  Using water wisely saves money on utility bills, nurtures green spaces that deliver real environmental benefits, protect our state and local water supplies for generations to come.  Highly efficient or “Smart” irrigation systems minimize overwatering while keeping lawns and gardens beautiful and healthy by adjusting water levels automatically to account for rain and other contributing conditions. This puts every drop of water to work by minimizing evaporation and waste, and makes maintaining landscapes more efficient, convenient and cost effective.

Smart Irrigation Month is part of a public awareness effort promoted by The NC Green Industry Council, their member associations.